Ziton brand which has been trusted and implemented in some of the world’s premier sites for over 40 years now

Ziton is a leading brand from UTC South Africa, a state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm system. The systems are designed to protect life and property in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Ziton, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of fire safety and security equipment.

Maestro is a PC based, advanced emergency management system interfacing into Ziton's ZP3 fire alarm control panels. It provides an operator with a graphical user interface (GUI) that assists in the rapid geographical location of a fire system alarm event.



Designed for building owners. The Ziton range consist firstly of a range of next generation conventional and addressable fire panels, the ZP1 and ZP2 that will support you from small standalone applications such as a small shop or bank, all the way to multiple floor building applications where reliable networking capabilities with remote access are required. The ZP family will give you all the flexibility to meet your customer’s expectations and more. From new time saving highlight for installers to benefits for your technicians.
Along with the ZP1 and ZP2, to give you high-end addressable solutions, we offer the ZP3. The ZP3 is an addressable fire panel supporting a large range of repeaters and modules with connectivity to suit all applications. With the ZP3 powerful networking capabilities, build-in printer options, with software supporting configuration, maintenance and graphics applications on standard PC platforms, everything is possible.


The ZP7 range of Ziton addressable devices offer a wide range of detectors, loop modules and (base)sounder/beacons with high integrity sealed dipswitch for addressing to protect against dust and moisture. The detectors are designed to provide a reliable and earliest response to a wide range of fire types. Self test and selectable alarm verification are all provided automatically by the ZP control panels. For ease of installation removal these detectors plug into a range of base units by a simple twist and lock action and the loop modules can be all be DIN-rail mounted. Space for address labels is provided on detector and base, ensuring that units are replaced in their correct location. The low profile makes the unit ideal for both commercial and industrial interiors. The The conventional range of detectors, the Z6 series, are based on the same philosophy as the addressable devices and give you the same reliability as your used to with the ZP7 series and operate perfectly with the ZP1.



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