Ziton Fire Alarm Panels

As authorised distributors for UTC Fire & Security for their fire portfolio, G2 Security offer the full range of Ziton fire panels and their accessory devices.

ZP1 Conventional Range

The ZP1 comes in 2, 4 and 8 zone options, is easy to install and the fire zones are configurable for automatic detector, manual call point or mixed (MCP and detector)modes.
Zones supervision configurable for standard or active end-of-line (head out) support

  • Zones supervision configurable for standard or active end-of-line (head out) support
  • Inputs configurable for remote reset, class change (school bells) or day/night mode delay control
  • Auxiliary supply configurable for standard or reset mode
  • Internal auxiliary cards outputs configurable for standard alarm, or combination alarms with AND and OR functionality
  • ZP2 Panel

    ZP2 Analogue Addressable

    Networkable with the ZP1 Conventional panels, yet compatible with the Ziton ZP3 devices, the new ZP2 Series fits perfectly into the gap between large conventional systems and mid-sized addressable. Versatile and user friendly this panel is a welcomed additon to the new fire panel range from UTC. 1 loop and 2 loop versions available with upgrade option to 4 loops. 40, 24 or 20 LED Zone indicator cards available. Ethernet and USB programmable with 4 Email notification accounts.

    ZP3 Analogue Addressable

    The Ziton ZP3 panel installed across the world, is still locally made in Cape Town. The ZP3 system addresses the mid- to high-end commerical and industrial market. The ZP3 analogue addressable control panel range, in one, two and four loop versions, with peer to peer networking, allows for systems of up to 100 panels with over 50 000 sensors. The wide range of loop devices and optional cards ensure that the system is configuarable for most applications.

    ZP3 Family

    868 MHz Wireless Fire Detection

    G2 Security is pleased to announce the availability of the new addressable wireless fire detection product line for the ZP2 and ZP3 fire panel platforms in the Ziton channel. These new devices operate in the 868 MHz frequency band, and complement the existing Ziton ZP7 addressable devices, allowing complete hybrid systems to be used in any Ziton installation.

    The New ZR400 868MHz wireless line is fully EN54-25, CPD and ICASA certified and is EN300-200 compliant.
    ICASA certified, and is EN300-220 compliant.
    • No external aerials
    • All devices fully addressable and programmable to suit the protected area
    • 2-way, multipath 868 MHz technology ensures a robust wireless solution with automatic selection from 32 radio channels for reliable signalling
    • Diversity transceivers allow maximum operational range in excess of 150 m
    • Dual battery supply with 5 year battery life under normal conditions
    • Full device status monitoring; including power sources, device removal and tamper
    • Both smoke and heat detection supported from a single detector (maximum of 31 devices per loop)
    • Notification devices with high output and 32 selectable tones and acoustic self-test support
    • Wireless supervised inputs and potential free relay outputs supported

    Please take note of the firmware requirements on the associated ZP2 and ZP3 panels:
    ZP2: v2.1.5D, any version 2.2.x, and version 3.0.x
    ZP3: v3.12 build 95 or higher